HUFFPOST LIVE: Is Criticism Of Tyler Perry Valid?

Despite his remarkable box office success, Tyler Perry continues to be the target of intense criticism for his controversial storylines, stereotypical characters & problematic politics. Is this a case of legitimate critique or narrow-minded critics?

  • Lach

    Our folk sitting around talking about what our folk aren’t doing but have no viable solutions.

  • I must say you people are nuts. Yall act like the stuff that the man talks about doesn’t actually happen. The lesson wasn’t if you cheat on your husband you get AIDS, the lesson was everything that glitters ain’t gold and be careful what you pray. Nobody spoke on the Dynamics between Brandy’s character and Lance Gross’ character. He was in his feelings and made a play for the girl and she was like naw homie we don’t get down like that. Now he could have taken every opportunity for them to just start having an affair. And what was Lance Gross’ character to do after his wife said she didn’t want him anymore, keeping begging. Furthermore, even if she didn’t get AIDS he prolly still would have left her because she had been quite cruel to him. And what is this about he don’t have no dark skin actresses, I could be mistaken but Brandy dark skin, the chick who played Lance Gross’ wife at the end was dark skinned. Alfre Woodard, Kimberly Elise, The For Colored Girls cast ran the gammat. Also somebody made a comment about he goes to get actors who haven’t worked in forever under pays them and gets rich. Really?? Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, Omari Hardwick, Idris Elba, Hill Harper, Kerry Washington, that’s just off the top of my head. Why do you people think that TP got to carry the weight of the community on his shoulders? Instead of having a round table bashing this movie why don’t you people get together and make movies that you want people to see. I heard you people come up with every excuse as to why there is no other black people making movies. TP ain’t got the game sewed up that tight. Mostly its because instead of going out and making it happen you people want to sit on your asses and just talk about this man instead of going to find the funding to get your opinon heard. By the way, I am not the biggest Tyler Perry fan, however I respect his hustle. I say if you don’t like his movies don’t go see them. All in all this is his view of the world, his opinon and everyone has a right to that. If you don’t like his view go get you some money and right you a screen play and make a movie the you want to see. But don’t hate on that man because he is making money, that’s just awkward.

    • j phil

      Very very well said…

    • You are retarded, quite simply, I could go on and on about you, but you are very simply, a fucking retard who should not reproduce. Period.

  • Darlene

    People love to build you up just to tear you down….

  • This is a bunch of nonsense. His movies are not horrible Who host a TV show with a cheep T-shirt. Get a life and stop hating. Like you said 650 million dollars and counting. He is obviously reaching people enough that they keep coming to the theater.

  • sharon sandy

    If people were really honest, they would recognize that they are flawed, envious and jealous of Tyler Perry’s sucess…Through hard work, dedication, many sacrifices, abuse, doubt, fear, lonliness and low self-estem…Tyler Perry pulled his self up by his boot straps by the Grace and Mercy of God. Tyler Perry, should be held in the highest regard….and lauded for all that he has done and accomplished, against ALL ODDS…..

  • sharon sandy

    Tyler Perry, You are a Gift from God and truly a Blessing…No weapon formed against you shall prosper,it won’t work……..You are truly Gods instrument…incredible,loveable,honorable,humble,oustanding,courageous,and amazing Human Being…… God is the Potter you are the Clay. Always remember It was God who made a way………