Jay-Z Responds To Cuban Trip Controversy With New ‘Open Letter’ Song (AUDIO)

Source: Andrew Kirell / Mediaite

Rapper Jay-Z posted an “Open Letter” song to hisLife + Times blog this morning, responding the various controversies that have seemingly consumed his public life since traveling to Cuba for his fifth wedding anniversary with wifeBeyoncé.

The pair’s Cuba trip ignited a firestorm, with members of Congress launching an investigation into the legality of their vacation to the embargoed country. Ultimately, it turns out, the trip was authorized by the Department of Treasury.

Jay-Z addressed the controversy via song:

“Politicians never did shit for me/ Except lie to me, distort history/ They wanna give me jail time and a fine / Fine, let me commit a real crime / … / Obama said, ‘Chill, you’re going to get me impeached’ / You don’t need this shit anyway, chill with me on the beach.”

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