Level Playing Field? NFL Scores Billions Annually While Still Enjoying ‘Non-Profit’ Status

Source: Joe Concha / Mediaite

It’s hard to make an argument that any business is more successful in America right now than the National Football League.

The Super Bowl is always the most-watched sporting event by a mile, its players own more household-name-status than celebrities and its apparel sells at a relentless rate even when the league is in the offseason. Nearly 30 million people (myself included in two leagues) play fantasy football. Overall, the NFL will take in over $10 billion in revenue this year, and is expected to reach $25 billion within the next 15 years. The TV rights fees alone from CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN bring the league $7 billion annually. Needless to say, no other entity comes close in profit or popularity.

Need proof? Just check back on Friday after the league’s draft finishes #1 in cable ratings on Thursday night by a country mile…

What’s very un-American, especially in an administration that always talks about rich folks paying its own share, is the NFL being classified as a non-profit organization. That’s right…tax-exempt. And this wasn’t some evil protect-the-rich plan that happened under a Reagan or Bush administration, but rather Lyndon B. Johnson (D) and a Democratic-controlled Congress.

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