Members Of Rutgers Faculty Demand That University President Robert Barchi Resign

Source: ESPN

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — A group of 13 Rutgers faculty members is demanding that university president Robert Barchi resign for his “inexcusable handling” of the mistreatment of players under men’s basketball coach Mike Rice.

Rice was fired Wednesday after a video surfaced showing him shoving players and berating them with gay slurs, but critics said New Jersey’s flagship public university has more explaining — and maybe some more firing — to do.

Alumni, lawmakers and a gay-rights group are among those calling for an investigation into why university officials took months to fire Rice after getting the video from a former basketball program employee in a scandal that touches on two long-standing issues on campus: the role of sports and the treatment of gays.

“If the roles were reversed and this was a professor and not a coach and this was a student in the classroom as opposed to a collegiate player, this would be completely different. You wouldn’t say, ‘This was a first offense,'” said Glenn Articolo, a radiologist who lives in Marlton, N.J., and a 1991 Rutgers graduate. “There’s not a single employee at Rutgers University from the president to the janitor who wouldn’t be dismissed immediately. It seems there’s a double standard when it comes to the basketball coach or the football coach.”

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