Michael Steele On GOP Filibuster: ‘At Least Pretend You Give A Damn About What Happened’ (VIDEO)

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediatie

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is the most recent of 14 Republican Senators to promise a filibuster against the package of gun regulations, including universal background checks, that the Senate is set to consider this week. That filibuster effort has been condemned by everyone from President Obama to his 2008 presidential rival, Sen. John McCcain, but former RNC Chairman Michael Steele may have launched the most bitter friendly fire yet. On Chuck Todd‘s The Daily Rundown, Chairman Steele seemed to suggest that these Republicans are monsters, who don’t even care what happened in Newtown, when he urged those GOP Senators to “At least pretend that you give a damn about what happened.”

Senator McCain has expressed bemusement at the filibuster threat, while the White House has framed it as cowardice, but even the most strident critics of the 14 GOP Senators have not suggested that they’re simply heartless bastards, numb to the suffering and loss that Americans feel in the wake of the Newtown mass shooting. In a Daily Rundown discussion of the politics behind that threatened filibuster, however, that seems to be what Chairman Steele suggested.

Host Chuck Todd has called the threat a “headscratcher,” because “Last I checked, the Senate Republicans have a pocket veto on any legislation that they don’t like. It’s called the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.”

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