Morehouse Disinvites Prominent Pastor After Obama Criticism

Source: Andrew Johnson / National Review Online

A prominent African-American pastor and alumnus of the historically-black Morehouse college has been disinvited from the school’s graduation ceremonies after penning an op-ed critical of President Obama, who is scheduled to give the commencement address.

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Earlier this month, Reverend Kevin Johnson, the senior pastor at Philadelphia’s Bright Hope Baptist Church, wrote a column for the Philadelphia Tribune titled “A President For Everyone, Except Black People,” arguing that the president has neglected the African-American community. “Indeed, if we objectively look at Obama’s presidency,” Johnson wrote, “African-Americans are in a worse position than they were before he became president.” He also criticized the lack of diversity in Obama’s cabinet.

The following day, Johnson said he received a call from Morehouse president Silvanus Wilson Jr. about what he called an ”untimely” column. He learned a few days later that he had been replaced at the college’s baccalaureate ceremony.

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