Pres. Obama Nominates Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx As Transportation Secretary

Source:  Arlette Saenz / ABC News

President Obama announced his nomination for Transportation Secretary today, calling Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx a “friend” and an “impressive leader.”

“I know Anthony’s experience will make him an outstanding Transportation Secretary.  He’s got the respect of his peers, mayors and governors all across the country.  And as a consequence, I think that he’s going to be extraordinarily effective,” the president said a White House ceremony.

The rising Democratic star, who has served as mayor of Charlotte since 2009, has spearheaded several major infrastructure projects in the city and rose to prominence after bringing the Democratic National Convention to Charlotte last year.

Obama credited Foxx with successfully investing in infrastructure to boost job creation and revive Charlotte during the economic crisis.  ”The city has managed to turn things around.  The economy is growing.  There are more jobs, more opportunity.  And if you ask Anthony how that happened, he’ll tell you that one of the reasons is that Charlotte made one of the largest investments in transportation in the city’s history,” he said.

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