Stacey Dash Slams Jay-Z And Beyoncé’s Cuba Trip, Says Couple “Funded A Communist Oppressive Regime”

Source: Bruna Nessif / E! Online

Stacey Dash has been very vocal about political issues since the last presidential elections, has now turned her focus to Jay-Z and Beyoncé and their decision to spend their anniversary in Cuba.

She’s not very happy about it and she doesn’t think you should be either.

Dash tweeted, “Do you care that The Jay Z”s have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime?” (Apparently, Hov and Bey’s conjoined name is “The Jay Zs.”)

Judging by her followers’ responses, no, they don’t care. “I like you better when you were CLUELESS,” one fan wrote, while another said, “What. Ever.”

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  • jalafian

    Mind you her brother or cousin whichever one he is, is Dame Dash. She may have a personal issue with Jay Z so….not even buying this. Even though I definitely disagree with her political views.

  • Fordf250

    Stacy Dash should just STHU! Nobody cares for your self hatred opinion any more. You are a has-been who never will be again. Maybe Mitt has a job for you. I hope your name is in one of his Binders

  • What do we really know about Cuba? Who says it’s repressive? The same people who failed at the Bay of Pigs have instituted the Patriot Act in America. These general statements about capitalism and socialism are volleyed about by idiots who demonstrate no knowledge of their underlying differences and similarities.

  • Bea

    Stacy Dash… I need you to sit down somewhere. Are you speaking your opinion because you are unemployed and bored? Guess what? WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION! Go back to being the maid for your husband!