WASHINGTON WATCH: Attorney General Eric Holder Vows To Fight Voter Suppression Efforts (VIDEO)

Attorney General Eric Holder vows to fight for voting rights and fight against voter suppression during this year’s National Action Network Conference in New York City.

MR. MARTIN:  Welcome to “Washington Watch.”

I’m here in New York’s Times Square, and we’re in the city to cover Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference.  It was two years ago President Barack Obama gave the keynote address here, and we brought you live coverage here on TV One.

This year’s gala speaker:  Attorney General Eric Holder.


ATTY. GEN. ERIC HOLDER:  If he could be here with us tonight, I am confident that Dr. King would be proud of the country that he helped to recreate.  And although a direct beneficiary of his legacy now sits in the Oval Office and another humbly serves as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States of America, even today, in 2013, our struggle to bridge divisions, to eradicate violence and to combat disparities and disenfranchisement remains far from over; and nowhere – nowhere – is this clearer than in the national debate about voting rights that has captured recent headlines from coast to coast.

Now, at the center of this discussion is the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act, a signature achievement of the Civil Rights Movement.  This Justice Department will remain committed to the aggressive and appropriate enforcement of all voting and civil rights protections, including every part of the Voting Rights Act.

We will not sit by and allow the slow unraveling of an electoral system – [applause] – that so many sacrificed so much to construct.  This will not happen.