33 High School Students Suspended For ‘Twerking’

Source: Nichole Smith / ABC News

Twerking, as it is known in the hip-hop community, is a hard-hitting, rump-shaking dance move that celebrities including Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have been known to bust out, but it has also gotten a group of San Diego high school students suspended.

A video, which has since been removed from YouTube by the user, showed a group of students from Scripps Ranch High School dancing. Mostly female students in tops and leggings were shown twerking in the school yard, twerking with each other and even twerking upside down.

Teachers saw the video on You Tube, prompting the suspension of 33 students, according to the ABC News affiliate ABC 10 News in San Diego.

“So many people are suspended in my 6th period class. Its [sic] only me, three girls and about 10 guys,” a student with the Twitter handle @BrielleClaire tweeted Wednesday.

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