After Fourth New Orleans Family Member Is Shot To Death, 70-Year-Old Says: ‘This City Is Not Safe’

Source: John Harper / / The Times-Picayune 

After New Orleans police officers shot her nephew, Henry Glover, and then burned his body in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina eight years ago, Rebecca Glover became the family’s public voice, spending years calling for the conviction of those responsible. On May 17, her 29-year-old granddaughter Kendrell Glover was shot in Algiers and later died in the hospital, becoming the fourth Glover family member to be shot to death in New Orleans.

At a 2010 gathering for victims of police misconduct after Katrina, then-U.S. Attorney Jim Letten, whose office prosecuted the three police officers eventually found guilty in the death and burning of Henry Glover, leaned down to speak to Rebecca. “He said, ‘Ms. Glover, this is not over, there’s more to come,'” she said. “I will always remember those words.”

May 17 was the sixth time 70-year-old Rebecca Glover had seen a loved one in the hospital with gunshot wounds. She was even present when Kendrell’s brother, Dwayne Glover, was murdered as a teenager in 1997. But as her granddaughter was pronounced dead, Rebecca Glover felt something she had never experienced before.

“I’ve never felt that feeling before,” she said. “It felt like hot water was getting poured down inside my body. I told security that I need to get me out of this building.”

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