Al-Qaeda Magazine Warns Of More ‘Lone-Wolf’ Attacks

Source: Doug Stanglin / USA Today

The online English-language Al-Qaeda magazine Inspire, which once printed instructions for building a pressure-cooker bomb, has published a special edition that attempts to take credit for motivating the Boston bombers and warns the West of more “Lone Wolf” terrorist attacks.

The Middle East Media Research Institute. which monitors jihadist Web forums and Internet site, was the first to publish excerpts from the 11th edition of the 3-year-old magazine, published by Al-Aqeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

MEMRI says most of the articles focus on the Boston bombings in hopes of inciting Muslims in the West to carry out similar attacks.

Steven Stalinsky, executive director of MEMRI, says it is “absolutely” clear that AQAP rushed out this “special edition” to take advantage of the intense coverage of the Boston bombings and the knife attack on a British solider in London on May 22.

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