Are Drone Strikes Justifiable If They Kill Taliban Officials? (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, Pakistani officials confirmed that a drone strike had killed Wali ur-Rehman along with six other people. Rehman was considered the Pakistan Taliban’s director of operations, and the U.S. government had a $5 million bounty on him. This was the first confirmed drone strike since Obama’s speech last week, when he promised there would be stricter criteria for the use of drones.

Our panel is torn. On one hand, as Jayar Jackson points out, Obama said we would keep using drones to kill terrorists. On the other, as Cenk Uygur mentions, drone strikes can be counter-productive and create new terrorists to replace the ones we take out – for instance, the families of the six people who were killed along with Rehman. Jimmy Dore (host, “The Jimmy Dore Show”) and Roland Martin (host, TV One) round out the panel.