At Least 6 Killed, Scores Injured In Texas Tornadoes

Source: Gary Strauss, Doyle Rice and Doug Stanglin / USA Today

Several tornadoes ripped through an area of north-central Texas on Wednesday night, leaving at least six people dead, scores injured and driving hundreds from homes flattened by the turbulent winds.

Hardest hit was the Rancho Brazos subdivision of 110 homes near Granbury, southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said a twister suddenly dropped out of the a boiling thunderstorm and leveled a wide swath of mobile homes and single-family homes.

“Most of the neighborhood is heavily damaged to destroyed,” he said Thursday. “Very little is untouched.”

Deeds said 37 people were treated at local hospital and 15 people, including two in critical condition, were transported to hospitals in Fort Worth. The injuries range from lost limbs to minor bumps and bruises, according to local officials.

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