Baggage Handlers Accused of Brazen Thefts, Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

Source:  Lee Ferran / ABC News

Italian police have arrested dozens of baggage handlers after a sting operation allegedly caught the workers on camera pilfering cash, jewels and other valuable from travelers’ luggage.

Prompted by complaints from passengers, Italian authorities launched a long-term operation in several major Italian airports in Rome, Naples, Milan and other cities that they say nabbed 86 alleged thieves, according to a statement by Italy’s Polizia di Stato.

Hidden camera video released by the police shows men apparently breaking into bags and suitcases, sifting through them and pocketing cash and other valuables. One man appears to stab a suitcase several times in order to break in and another is seen repeatedly bashing a box with electronics labels on the outside. Police said the thefts took place on board the planes during loading and off-loading of baggage.

Last September, ABC News launched an investigation into hundreds of thefts allegedly carried out by Transportation Safety Administration agents in the U.S. As part of the investigation, ABC News purposefully left an iPad at airport security in Orlando and later tracked the costly device to the home of an Orlando TSA officer.

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