Cleveland ‘Hero’ Charles Ramsey: ‘I Don’t Want’ Media Attention, I’m Just An ‘American’ And A ‘Human Being’ (VIDEO)

Source: Matt Wilstein / Mediaite

Cleveland’s NBC affiliate WKYC scored an exclusive sit-down interview with the man who discovered missing teens Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Charles Ramseyinstantly became famous across the internet after he gave a descriptive and opinionated interview to another local Cleveland reporter Monday evening. Today, Ramsey said he’s just glad the three women got out of captivity alive and rejects the “hero” label that WKYC’s anchors and others have been affixing to him.

Ramsey says he knows he did a “good deed” but he’s finding it difficult to live with the fact that the three girls were being held against their will next door to him for so long. After retelling the story he originally relayed the night before, Ramsey reacted to the internet sensation he has become, with the anchor asking him what it’s like to be “hashtag Charles Ramsey.”

“I don’t even want it,” Ramsey said of the attention. “They keep saying I’m a hero. Let me tell you something, I’m an American, and I’m a human being. I’m just like you. I work for a living. There was a woman in distress, so why turn your back on that?”

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  • Read some of the comments on various sites. I
    don’t get it. The man is a hero for taking action. He had a sense of
    humor, even though he was clearly in shock. If any of you found him
    “embarrassing” then perhaps you should do a self-check because that’s
    all about you, not him.

    • Cdub

      Amen on that!

  • Can someone please offer this brother a free touch up? Come on now….help him represent properly ~ #he all switching the cap back and forth on his head on tv……..c’mon people help the brother out

  • ok. wait and stop. the reporter said you’ve told this story so many times and now the world knows….”you were coming back from MacDonald’s….”…ok, I just wanna go home right now….#alldone

  • Martinique

    I think he represented well…he helped someone in need instead of turning his back on them. Look at the character of a person instead of his outwardly appearance.