Counterfeit Condom Ring Busted And Millions Of Contraceptives Confiscated

Source: Kaijing Xiao / ABC News

Cops confiscated 4.65 million already packaged prophylactics and another 1,100 pounds of unpackaged condoms were found at the scene.

In a dimly lit room in the countryside of southeast China’s Fujian province, dozens of workers were busy on a production line, lubricating the condoms when cops raided. The floor was piled high with the contraceptives, and according to police, the stench of the cheap oil lubricants was nauseating.

The racket was exposed in February when a policeman in Fujian province noticed that a store on, China’s most popular online shopping site, was selling ridiculously low-priced condoms. He bought a few to test, and they proved to be fakes. The police then traced the fake products from the online store to a network of underground workshops.

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