Google Unveils All Access Music Service, Rivaling Spotify, Pandora

Source: Salvador Rodriguez / Los Angeles Times

Google took its first step into the music subscription service market Wednesday, announcing All Access — a Spotify and Pandora competitor.

The Silicon Valley giant said All Access, a part of its Google Music service, will allow users to combine their music libraries with the millions of songs that Google has obtained rights to.

All Access can be used to listen to any of the songs in Google’s catalog in a way similar to how consumers use Spotify. The new service also will let users create “radio stations” based around songs they like, similar to what Pandora does.

With the radio station feature, All Access users can preview the songs that are coming up and edit the play list, meaning they can remove any song they don’t want or reorder the tracks. Another feature called Listen Now gives users “Google-powered” music recommendations.

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