Horror, Desolation After Deadly Texas Twisters

Source: Rick Jervis and Doyle Rice / USA Today

GRANBURY, Texas — As the roar of the storm grew and the walls began to shudder, Carlton and Christy Russell crammed themselves and their 11-year-old twin daughters into their hall closet and sang church songs.

Outside, the muscular tornado that ripped through this city, 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth on Wednesday evening was bouncing from house to house, shredding roofs, splintering homes and tossing cars and people blocks away. Inside, the Russells prayed for a miss.

“You can feel the walls breathing and the roof going up and down,” Christy Russell, 37, said Thursday at a Red Cross shelter set up at a local church. “We were singing and praying. And screaming a little bit.”

The Russells walked away from the ordeal but Hood County, Texas, officials say at least six residents died in one of the worst tornado outbursts the city has ever seen. Late Thursday, rescue workers were searching for seven missing residents. The storm displaced more than 250 others.

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