KAREN FINNEY: If GOP So Concerned About IRS Scandal, Why Didn’t Mitt Romney Bring It Up In 2012?

Source: Noah Rothman / Mediaite

Former Democratic National Committee spokesperson and future MSNBC weekend host Karen Finney scolded a reporter who on Nowthis afternoon suggested that the White House may have overestimated how effective claiming that Republicans investigating a series of scandals were on a witch-hunt would be. In return, she asked if the GOP was genuinely concerned about the Obama administration’s scandals including the IRS’s targeting of right-leaning groups, then why didn’t Mitt Romneybring the issue up during the campaign?

“One thing that we’ve seen over the last couple days is the degree to which the White House seems to have internalized the narrative that the Republicans are out on a witch-hunt and the degree to which they think they can sell that,” said New York Magazine reporter Benjamin Wallace-Wells.

He said that this condition was typified by the administration’s decision to send a communications staffer out on the Sunday shows rather than a policy official.

“They may have over-bet on this aggressive push back on this idea that there is a Republican witch-hunt,” Wallace-Wells added.

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