Kiera Wilmot Discusses Arrest For Science Project Explosion And Charges Being Dropped (AUDIO)

Roland Martin talks with Kiera Wilmot, her mother, Marie and their attorney Larry Hardaway about Kiera being arrested and kicked out of school for a science experiment that exploded. Recently charges against Kiera were dismissed.

  • Kiera, I really hope you stay interested in science and engineering. I am 28 years old, a chemist, and a woman. We really need more female scientists, engineers, and technologists. I have found the field of chemistry to be diverse and rewarding. I loved mixing household items and playing with batteries, light bulbs and wires when I was young. I was also a musician, and I also think that’s a great thing to stay with. Really, I think you should do whatever you have passion for. I just hope this incident doesn’t discourage you. Someday you will be successful and a leader in your chosen field.