Kiera Wilmot Will Not Be Expelled From School, Attorney Says

Source: Leslie Postal / Orlando Sentinel

Kiera Wilmot, the Polk County teenager who ignited an online furor after she got in trouble for mixing household products at school, will not be expelled from school, her attorney announced this morning.

Kiera, 16, has already served a 10-day suspension and has been sent to an alternative school, where she will complete the school year. She will be allowed to return to Bartow High School for the coming school year, said Larry Hardaway, her attorney.

“Kiera’s mother and twin sister are extremely pleased with the decision of Superintendent John Stewart and his senior staff,” Hardaway said in a statement. ” They also wish to thank the many caring individuals in this country and those from other countries who have supported Kiera throughout these latest challenges.”

Hardaway said his next task is to get her arrest record expunged, as that could cause her trouble in the years ahead.

Kiera was arrested April 22 after she mixed toilet-bowl cleaner and aluminum foil in a small water bottle while outside on campus about 15 minutes before the first-period bell was to ring. The mixture caused a firecracker-like pop, and some smoke emerged from the bottle, witnesses said. No one was injured, nor was there any damage to Bartow’s campus.

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