Kwame Kilpatrick Asks Judge To Overturn Conviction

Source: Robert Snell / The Detroit News

Detroit — Kwame Kilpatrick asked a federal judge Monday to overturn his corruption conviction and order a new trial.

In a twist, Kilpatrick filed the request by himself and revealed that he has filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission against his taxpayer-funded lawyer, James C. Thomas.

In the 22-page filing, Kilpatrick, claimed there was insufficient evidence to convict him of racketeering conspiracy, a 20-year felony, blasted the grand jury selection process and complained about his lawyer’s conduct and “blatantly prejudicial” media coverage.

“The vitriolic atmosphere culminated at the date of the verdict,” Kilpatrick wrote. “The jurors refused to speak with counsel for either the defense or the government. However, the jurors did agree to engage in a press conference to answer questions from members of the press. Additionally, after the verdict was announced, a local radio station rented an airplane to fly over the city of Detroit with a derogatory message to Kilpatrick.”

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