O.J. Simpson Heads Back To Court To Fight For His Freedom

Source: Chuck Schilken / Los Angeles Times

O.J. Simpson will be back in court Monday for what might be his final shot at freedom.

The former Heisman Trophy winner from USC will try to convince a Nevada judge that his representation was so bad in the 2008 Las Vegas trial that sent him to jail that the conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping should be reversed and that a new trial take place.

Simpson, 65, is expected to testify sometime this week. The public might be surprised at his appearance after four years in prison.

“He’s slow, ” said close friend Jim Barnett, who has visited the former football star several times. “Last time I saw him, he had gotten quite heavy.”

Simpson says his trial attorney never told him that the prosecutors had offered a plea bargain. He also said in a sworn statement that the same lawyer “advised me that I was within my legal rights” to attempt the memorabilia sting that landed him in this mess.

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