OJ Simpson To Testify On His Own Behalf As Early As Wednesday

Source: Elizabeth Chuck / NBC News

Back for a second day of his hearing in Las Vegas, former football great O.J. Simpson entered the courtroom shackled on Tuesday, hoping to prove to a judge that his former lawyer botched the 2008 case that landed him in prison.

The Heisman Trophy winner and one-time Hollywood actor, now graying and stocky at 65 years old, is expected to be in court through Friday for the hearing. Simpson is alleging that his ex-lawyer, Yale Galanter, gave him bad advice that resulted in the 2008 robbery conviction that he is currently serving a 9 to 33-year sentence for.

Clad in his blue prison jumpsuit, flanked by new lawyers now, Simpson was granted one wish on Tuesday: The judge agreed when asked by Simpson’s lawyers to free one of hands from his handcuffs so he could take notes and drink water in the courtroom. Shackles remained on his ankles.

But Simpson’s bigger request of Clark County District Judge Linda Marie Bell — to let him be a free man on the basis that he had improper legal representation — may not be so easily granted. To try to sway the judge to free him, Simpson could testify as early as Wednesday.

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