Rough Economy, Tough Job Market, Fear Of Being Laid Off? Roland Martin Has Some Advice For You Via The Movie, ‘The Company Men’

by Roland S. Martin via Twitter



Do y’all remember those #CompanyMen tweets I sent out last year? They came to mind when I saw today’s job layoffs at @espn.

Life lesson #1: Never live above your means. Tomorrow’s paycheck isn’t promised #companymen

Life lesson #2: You are a line item on a corporate balance sheet. Loyalty? Yea right. Always look out for yourself FIRST! #companymen

Life lesson #3: Downsizing ain’t that hard. It happens to everyone. Learn to like a smaller life. #companymen

Life lesson #4: NEVER overextend yourself. Don’t owe on your house, cars, country club AND credit cards. Eliminate debt! #companymen

Life lesson #5: ALWAYS have a Plan B. Never entrust your entire life with one company. Think multiple revenue streams #companymen

Life lesson #6: ALWAYS assess your skills & think of multiple jobs you’ll B able to do. Don’t get locked into1 area of expertise#companymen

Life lesson #7: Your boss isn’t your friend. If it comes down to you or him/her, It’s ALWAYS business. Never personal. Accept it#companymen

Life lesson #8: If your spouse needs to keep up with the Joneses, tell them to go & marry a Jones! You don’t need the drama. #companymen

Life lesson #9: Be honest with your kids. Don’t hide the truth of layoffs & income change. They need to know what it feels like #companymen

Life lesson #10: Your life is NOT over with a job loss. Follow #1-9 & u will survive, thrive & have an amazing life. So go live! #companymen

I’ve been laid off/fired due to cutbacks. It happens. I learned early: look out for yourself because no one else will. I think too many people are emotionally tied to a company. They see their job as their life. No, it’s a JOB. You have a life! I’ve been there. I had a health crisis, $100K in hospital bills; no insurance; home almost foreclosed on; filed for bankruptcy. I’ve counted pennies to put gas in car. I walked miles because car was repossessed. I watched VCR movies over & over, no cable. I never lost my faith. I never doubted myself. I never gave up. I repaid every penny in bankruptcy. But I NEVER sold my soul.

Conviction matters.  Principles matter. Values matter. Faith matters. The guy in #companymen who killed himself? Too many think it’s all over. There are other jobs. There are other cars. There are other friends. There are other homes; even other spouses. Just one YOU. Why do you think I operate by Isaiah 54:17? “No weapon that is formed against you will prosper.” I know who I walk with!

When the haters come at me, then Ephesians 6:10-20 kick in! I’ve been through this war before & already know the outcome! I just want those of you going through this difficult economy to know that you can and WILL make it through!