Scientists Back Kiera Wilmot by Tweeting About All the Stuff They’ve Blown Up

Source: Tim Elfrink / Miami New Times

As the tale of Kiera Wilmot — the Bartow, Florida student expelled and charged with two felonies over a science project gone wrong — went viral yesterday, a wide movement to support the 16-year-old blossomed from blogs to radio shows to petitions. Best of all, though, has been a Twitter campaign by scientists and science fans with a simple premise: writing about the craziest stuff they’ve blown up over the years, all in the name of science.

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The difference, of course, is that they were congratulated on their curiosity or slapped on the wrist, not hit with life-altering felonies.

Sodium silicate + matchheads = nice little smokebomb waaaay back in the day. All in good fun with a bit of science. #KieraWilmot

— Stafford Rau (@staffordrau) May 2, 2013


In high school I accidentally set off a beaker of rocket fuel and evacuated the building. Now I’m a chemistry major. #KieraWilmot

— Steffan Iverson (@thirdbutterfly) May 2, 2013


Destructive test is an entire field of engineering where you burn/overload/blow things up.#KieraWilmot should be lauded, not punished

— Scott Underwood (@teamskum) May 2, 2013

Wilmot was booted from school and criminally charged last week after mixing toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil in a plastic bottle on school grounds, despite the fact that no one was hurt and she told her principal she was conducting a “science fair experiment.”

The details of the case have led to an outcry from science educators, particularly because Wilmot was apparently a good student with a good behavior record and because she’s a young black woman — a demographic severely underrepresented in the science world.

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