Suspect Charged In Chicago Baby’s Shooting Death

Source: ABC 7 Chicago 

CHICAGO – A 33-year-old suspect has been charged in the drive-by shooting death of a 6-month-old Chicago girl.

Koman Willis, 33, of the 7800-block of South St. Lawrence Ave. has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery for the shooting in the 6500-block of S. Maryland, in which Jonathan Watkins, 29, was shot and wounded, and his 6-month-old daughter, Jonylah, was shot and killed. Willis was arrested after police got a break in the case last week.

“We were able to identify witnesses last week that we had not identified earlier in the investigation; they provided some key information that started the ball rolling,” said Lt. Kevin Duffin of the Chicago Police Department.

Willis has at least 37 arrests on his criminal record. Willis turned himself in on Saturday with his attorney after he heard that detectives were looking for him. Police say Willis had been a suspect since the beginning of the investigation.

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