T-Mobile Accused Of Making Pregnant Woman Clock Out To Use Bathroom

Source: Abby Ellin / ABC News

According to Kristi Rifkin, her second pregnancy was a difficult one, and she was going to the doctor twice a week, seeing both a regular obstetrician and a high-risk obstetrician. She was also required to drink “tons and tons” of water – which, in turn, resulted in frequent trips to the bathroom. This did not sit well with T-Mobile, she said.

Before her pregnancy, this wasn’t an issue. But as she explained in a blog post on Moms Rising.org, frequent jaunts to the bathroom would cut into what was known in the call center world as  ”adherence” — a metric that measures the degree to which employees meet their quota for being on the phone.

Finally, she said, her supervisor pulled her aside and told her to get a note from her doctor explaining that she needed to go the bathroom often.  ”At that point, I thought my head was going to launch off my shoulders,” said Rifkin. “‘Are you serious? I need to get a note from my doctor to go to the toilet?’ This is a basic biological need.’”

But Rifkin did as she was told; she got the doctor’s note and cleared it with Human Resources. She was told that she could use the rest room any time she needed to, she said, but that she would have to clock out. When she returned from that bathroom, she would have to clock back in. “This meant I was out of work for five minutes,” she said. She had to write the hours down and turn it into her supervisor, just to make sure she wasn’t taking advantage of the situation.

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