The Real Walter White? Boston Middle School Math Tutor, Charged With Trafficking Methamphetamine

Source: CBS News

BOSTON – A math tutor at a Boston middle school was arrested just after noon on Tuesday after authorities say he had a package of methamphetamine delivered to the campus, according to CBS Boston.

The station reported that upon 57-year-old Stephen W. Doran’s arrest at Match Charter Middle School, authorities said they found 2 bags containing 480 grams of a crystalline substance.

The suspect was charged with trafficking methamphetamine and violating the state’s drug laws in a school zone, according to the station.

CBS Boston said Doran has been held on $10,000 cash bail since his arrest and he was arraigned on Wednesday. Judge Michael Coyne ordered the suspect to remain on home confinement with a GPS device attached to him. He is only allowed to leave his house for medical appointments if he posts bail.

“We have no knowledge, nor any reason to believe, that any staff, teachers, or students were involved in this matter or were in danger in any way,” Mike Larsson of Match Charter Middle School told the station.

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