Virginia Parents Outraged After Walmart Security Allegedly Suspected Father Of Kidnapping Biracial Daughters (VIDEO)

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Source: Black Voices / The Huffington Post

A Virginia couple was shocked to find a police officer in front of their home when they returned from running errands, but they were even more surprised by the reason for the cop’s visit– to question whether or not they were in fact their children’s parents.

Joseph, a white man who didn’t want his last name revealed, and his black wife Keana told Fox5DC that they were outraged after the policeman told them a security guard at their local Walmart had suspected Joseph of kidnapping his three young daughters.

“He asks us very sincerely, ‘Hey, I was sent here by Walmart security. I just need to make sure that the children that you have are your own,’” Joseph said.

“I was dumbfounded,” Keana said. “I sat there for a minute and I thought, ‘Did he just ask us if these were our kids knowing what we went through to have our children?’

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  • Jello_2001

    I think it is sad the security assumed such because the father was white. However, with so little media coverage when a child of color is missing, I am glad they were being overly cautious. Better safe than really sorry. Speaking up keeps our children more safe than silence.

  • Luckyg

    I agree 100% Jello & I would not call that racism. I say “good looking out Walmart”. By the way I am a black female.

  • White father and black mother, I guess this is the reason why that security thought something like this and called the police.

  • marge

    I just don’t see the outrage. I would appreciate that someone cared enough to want to protect my children. Okay, they were mistaken…so what?