WASHINGTON WATCH: The Impact Of Jason Collins Coming Out; Is He A Hero? (VIDEO)

Roland Martin talks with National Sports Columnist and Shirley Povich Chair in Sports Journalism at the University of Maryland, Kevin Blackistone; Founder and CEO of the Black Men’s Xchange, Cleo Manago and President and CEO for the Center for Black Equity, Earl Fowlkes about NBA Center Jason Collins coming out to announce that he is gay.

  • Homosexuality is not deserving of the approbation of man. We can not overlook condemning those, who, through their own bad use of their faculties, are vicious to the good and perfection of the human system..

  • tiztiz

    We have far more important issues to deal with – and this isn’t one of them!!

  • mrlvinowens

    at the end of the day, the vast problems that exist in the black community, far outweigh the desire of someone to tell the world they are gay

  • James

    This is where I get frustrated, why should I have to listen about someone sexual preference when I’m trying to enjoy sports center. As an athlete, I’m only interested in competition not whether a person is straight or gay.

  • Eventually, this will not be headline news, Oprah will not have to ask rude questions about if an obviously masculine man played with Barbie dolls because he’s gay and everyone can get back to just appreciating the skills of the boys on the court. VIDEO here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDy8CuzZBW4