WUSA9 Undercover Investigation Finds D.C. Cab Drivers Discriminating Against Black Customers (VIDEO)

Source: Russ Ptacek / WSAU9

WASHINGTON — A WUSA9 undercover investigation documents black passengers waiting longer and being stranded on DC streets by 25% of cabs who passed them by in favor of white customers.

In response to the investigation WUSA9 is creating an online portal,WUSA9 iAlert, allowing passengers to immediately document discriminatory practices on phone videos and authorities to take action.

We tested nearly 100 taxis over three weeks on Saturday nights from 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. We tracked WUSA9 decoys acting as passengers , and volunteers including people we met on the streets to see who DC cabs would choose DC cabs would refuse.

Out of 53 cabs tested with a white decoy near a black passenger, 13 taxis drove past the black passenger and picked up the white passenger.

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