1983 Medgar Evers Film Screens In Dallas Saturday

Source: Chris Vognar / DallasNews.com

Yesterday I posted about the digital debut of the documentary Home of the Brave, the story of unsung civil rights heroine Viola Liuzzo. This Saturday Dallasites will get a chance to see another film about a slain hero of the movement, NAACP field secretary Medgar Evers, who was gunned down in from of his Mississippi in 1963.The 50-year anniversary of the assassination is next Wednesday, June 12.

For Us the Living: The Medgar Evers Story originally aired in 1983, the 20-year anniversary of the assassination, on TV’s American Playhouse. Howard E. Rollins Jr., then an up-and-coming star, played Evers; Irene Cara played his widow, Myrlie. (Also in the cast: a young man named Laurence Fishburne). You can see it for free this Saturday at Pan African Connection, 828 Fourth Avenue, as part of an Evers celebration that runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The event is presented by The Dallas NAACP, Pan African Connection and Black Cinematheque Dallas. For more information call 214-943-8262.

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