Attorney Claims Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh ‘Seduced’ Teenager

Source:  Lisa Ray and Mara MacDonald /

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit attorney representing an 18-year-old man and his mother claims Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh had an inappropriate relationship with a student at Douglass Academy.

The attorney says he will not provide copies of texts between Pugh and the teenager and was not willing to elaborate on what Pugh may have written to the teen. During a Wednesday press conference he did, however, say Pugh took the student off campus in a city car and bought him gifts.

The lawsuit to be field claims there was an inappropriate relationship between Pugh and the then 17-year-old he was mentoring. The mentorship program was run by Pugh and affiliated with the Douglass Academy.

The mother of the young man told the Local 4 Defenders she is disappointed with Pugh’s behavior.

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