Bill Maher Slams Voting Rights Act Decision: ‘Racism 2.0’ (VIDEO)

Source: The Huffington Post

Bill Maher was no fan of the Supreme Court’s ruling this week that threw out Article 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, saying that the decision enables disenfranchisement of minorities at the polls.

“These Supreme Court dudes, they don’t live in the real world. They don’t know how much the country has changed,” Maher said of Chief Justice John Roberts’ declaration that the country had changed enough to eliminate the law.

He had a spirited debate with his panel, which included Kristen Soltis, Horace Cooper and Dan Neil about whether the ruling was a truly fair and accurate reflection of the modern state of race in America.

Maher opined that the decision was a reflection of “racism 2.0,” a much more subtle way to prevent progress than openly using racial slurs or expressing racism.

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