California Limo Fire That Killed Young Bride, Friends Started By Mechanical Problem: Report

Source: Philip Caulfield / New York Daily News

The mysterious limo fire that killed a young bride and four friends on a girls’ night out in California last month was caused by a mechanical failure that may have ignited the gas tank, according to a report.

The California Highway Patrol and the San Mateo police were still investigating the May 4 fire and have not said what started it.

But sources told San Francisco’s ABC 7 the blaze that turned the 1999 Lincoln Town Car into a mobile death trap as it crossed the San Mateo Bridge began after an air spring in the rear of the vehicle ruptured, setting in motion a deadly chain of events.

The burst spring — which normally supports the weight of the car — would have caused the stretch limo to ride lower than normal, corroborating reports from witnesses who said the car’s rear bumper appeared to sag toward the road.

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