Detroit Class President Shot In Head Surprises Classmates At Graduation

Source:  Kevin Dolak / ABC News

A Detroit high school senior class president who was shot in the head at a birthday party two months ago stunned his friends and classmates this week when he emerged on stage at their graduation.

On April 6, Balaal Hollings, an honor student, football star and the student council and senior class president at Northwestern High School was shot in the head outside the birthday party of one of his best friends.

“I had missed her dinner, so I promised to make it to the party,” Hollings told “After the party, some East Side boy was shooting for no reason. A bullet hit the wall, and then it hit me.”

The bullet entered the 18-year-old’s temporal lobe. He was hospitalized for two weeks, according to his older sister, Nuballa Hollings, who helped raise him. Their mother died two years ago.

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