Edward Snowden To Guardian: ‘Truth Is Coming, And It Cannot Be Stopped’

Source: Dylan Stableford / Yahoo! News

Edward Snowden, America’s most-wanted whistle-blower, participated in a live online chat with the Guardian on Monday.

The 29-year-old former defense contractor, who exposed the National Security Agency’s massive domestic surveillance program after fleeing the United States, answered a series of questions submitted through the Guardian’s website and Twitter (hashtag #AskSnowden).

First, Snowden stressed that his controversial leaks did not reveal any U.S. “operations against legitimate military targets”:

I pointed out where the NSA has hacked civilian infrastructure such as universities, hospitals, and private businesses because it is dangerous. These nakedly, aggressively criminal acts are wrong no matter the target. Not only that, when NSA makes a technical mistake during an exploitation operation, critical systems crash. Congress hasn’t declared war on the countries—the majority of them are our allies—but without asking for public permission, NSA is running network operations against them that affect millions of innocent people. And for what? So we can have secret access to a computer in a country we’re not even fighting? So we can potentially reveal a potential terrorist with the potential to kill fewer Americans than our own Police? No, the public needs to know the kinds of things a government does in its name, or the “consent of the governed” is meaningless.

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