Edward Snowden’s Father Offers Deal In Letter To Attorney General Eric Holder

Source: Justin Sink / The Hill

The father of Edward Snowden has proposed a deal to Attorney General Eric Holder that he says could convince his son to return to the United States.

Lonnie Snowden said his son, Edward, would likely come back to America if he were promised that he could remain free prior to trial, not be subjected to a gag order and be tried in a place of his choosing.

He also proposed that if those terms were violated, the government should agree to dismiss charges against Edward, a former defense contractor who admitted to leaking information about top-secret National Security Agency programs.

“With these written representations and guarantee, Mr. Snowden is reasonably confident that his son could be persuaded to surrender voluntarily to the jurisdiction of the United States to face trial,” wrote Bruce Fein, the Washington attorney for Snowden’s father, in the letter to Holder that was obtained by CNN.

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