Eudora Welty’s Short Story On Medgar Evers’ Death: ‘From The Unknown’

Source: The Clarion Ledger

Editor’s note: Eudora Welty was so angry about Medgar Evers’ assassination in Jackson on June 12, 1963, that she wrote a short story ultimately titled, “Where Is the Voice Coming From?” and published it in the July 6, 1963, New Yorker. Here, a half century later, is an early draft of that story, prepared before Byron De La Beckwith was arrested, before the New Yorker requested that names of real people and places be changed, and before Welty decided upon many other revisions to the text.

This version has never been printed in any magazine or newspaper. The story’s narrator-assassin assaults readers with repugnant language, revealing the deep hatred that has deformed his soul and made him a killer.

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