Family Charged With Stealing Child For ‘Leverage’ In Property Dispute

Source:  Geetika Rudra / ABC News

A Mississippi family, including a former star of the University of Alabama’s basketball team, have been indicted in connection with kidnapping a cousin’s young daughter to use as “leverage” in a fight over property.

Among the suspects is Devonta Pollard, 18, of Porterville, Miss., who was a star forward on the University of Alabama’s basketball team until he was forced off the court following his arrest.

Pollard is charged in a case that involves his mother, Jessie Mae Brown Pollard, 54, of Northport, Ala., his cousin, Shaquayla Johnigan, 21, of Porterville, his uncle, James Johnigan, 39, of Porterville, and his aunt, Joyce Johnigan, 42, of Porterville. All have been indicted.

They are accused of conspiring to kidnap their young cousin Jashayla Hopson, 6, on April 30 as part of an effort to coerce the child’s mother, Roshell Ford, into making a deal in a property dispute.

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