George Zimmerman Trial: State Can Say Trayvon Martin Was Profiled

Source: Rene Stutzman and Jeff Weiner / Orlando Sentinel

SANFORD -When opening arguments begin in the trial of George Zimmerman, prosecutors will be able to tell the jury that Trayvon Martin was profiled and Zimmerman was a “wannabe cop,” the judge in the case ruled today.

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson ruled on a defense motion this morning seeking to block those phrases from trial. The state can also say “vigilante” if they choose, and can say that Zimmerman confronted Trayvon, Nelson ruled.

However, she said prosecutors should avoid saying Trayvon was racially profiled.

Prosecutor John Guy said this morning that the state didn’t plan to say the teen was profiled “solely” by race: “There are a number of ways” someone could be profiled, he said.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara countered that profiling and racial profiling are inseparable as concepts: “It’s like peanut butter and jelly.”

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