Lawyer: Wayne County Judge ‘Targeted’ Because Of Race

Source: Orlandar Brand Williams / The Detroit News

Detroit — Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Morrow has been “targeted” for discplinary proceedings partly because he is African-American, said his defense attorney in his opening statement at Morrow’s judicial misconduct hearing brought the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.

“They would not do this to a white judge,” said his attorney, Donald Campell, who is white, on Monday. “They have done this to a judge who is a black man.”

Campell said he will show, during the proceedings, “repeated instances” of the the kind of circumstances and conduct by others who have not faced the same scrutiny as Morrow.

The tenure commission has charged the judge with 26 counts of judicial misconduct involving 10 cases, alleging he “has engaged in conduct that demonstrates a lack of impartiality, failure to follow the law, an abuse of judicial power, and violations of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct.”

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