Nelson Mandela’s Family Summoned To Hospital

Source: AP / CBS News

JOHANNESBURG – Four of Nelson Mandela’s grandchildren carried bouquets of flowers Thursday into the Pretoria hospital where the ailing statesman has been for 20 days, and where he remains on life support in a critical condition.

The grandchildren arrived following an urgent summons issued to all of Mandela’s kin on Thursday morning — a day after the South African president cancelled a trip to Mozambique over concern for Mandela’s condition.

The comings and goings of family members added to worries sparked by the government publicly downgrading Mandela’s condition on Sunday to critical from serious.

On Wednesday, it emerged that the 94-year-old patriarch of post-apartheid South Africa had deteriorated further during the first days of the week — with CBS News sources confirming that he was on life support.

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