New Evidence: Zimmerman Applied To Become A Cop But Was Rejected

Source: Rene Stutzman / Orlando Sentinel

SANFORD — Prosecutors have filed paperwork revealing that murder defendant George Zimmerman applied to become a police officer in a county near Washington, D.C. but was turned down.

His application and rejection letter are among the latest pieces of evidence the state has notified defense attorneys they may use at Zimmerman’s trial, which begins Monday.

The new list of evidence, filed Monday, says Zimmerman applied to become an officer in Prince William County, Md., but that appears to be an error. There is no Prince William County in Maryland, however, there is one in Virginia, and it’s the site of Zimmerman’s hometown: Manassas.

The paperwork does not spell out when Zimmerman applied for the job, but it is not the first indication that he had an interest in police work.

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