Pres. Obama Travels To South Africa As Mandela’s Condition Worsens

Source: CBS News

President Obama headed to South Africa Friday, the second stop on his three-nation tour of Africa. The president left Senegal and will land at an air base outside of Pretoria, South Africa — the scene of another major story as Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition.

It’s been three weeks since Mandela was admitted to the hospital for the recurring lung infection that’s progressively gotten worse. The condition is still described as critical but stable, but his general condition is understood to be on the decline.

With hope of a recovery fading, the hospital in Pretoria where Mandela lies hovering between life and death continues to be a place of pilgrimage. A class of young children were the first to offer tributes Friday.

After the crisis on Thursday, when the Mandela family was summoned to the hospital on the grim news that he had taken a turn for the worst, doctors managed to stabilize him.

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