Prosecutors: Send Sandi Jackson To Prison First, Then Jackson Jr.

Source: Katherine Skiba / Chicago Tribune

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors urged today that former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. be sent to prison for four years and his wife, Sandi Jackson, be incarcerated for 18 months.

In making the recommendation, prosecutors suggested the prison terms could be structured so that the Jacksons, who have two children ages 9 and 13, are not behind bars at the same time.

Prosecutors asked that Sandi Jackson be imprisoned first. If she is given an 18-month sentence and gets credit for satisfactory behavior while behind bars, they said, “she will be back with her children, on home confinement, a little more than a year after the date of her surrender.”

Jackson Jr. would serve his sentence next, under their scenario.

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  • Angie Kyles Frazier

    2 dummies! They are lucky that they are letting them do their time that way. Most judges don’t care!

  • Fordf250

    Said Jesse Jackson Jr., “In that case, can you give her life without Parole?”