Roland Martin: Sen. Paul ‘Needs An Absolute Makeover’

Source: Judy Kurtz / The Hill

Roland Martin is offering his styling services to one lawmaker he considers fashion-challenged: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)

The columnist and TV One commentator, who’s known for sporting ascots while being dressed to the nines, tells ITK, “I’m really trying to get Rand Paul to step his game up. I mean he’s really, really bland and boring.”

Martin continued, “He needs an absolute makeover. I mean I’m talking about hair, ties, suit, shirt, all of that.”

But the affable TV personality — who reveals the secret to his signature look is choosing an ascot first and then basing the rest of his outfit off of the neckwear choice — says he’s here to help: “If he gives me a couple hours, I can hook him up.”

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