Senate Democrats Discuss Need For ‘Black Agenda’

Source: Suzanne Gamboa / AP / theGrio

WASHINGTON — The sole Democratic African-American senator cast doubt on the need for a “black agenda” from the president and on its chances of passage in Congress during a Democratic forum with largely African-American reporters Wednesday.

Massachusetts Sen. William “Mo” Cowan said the issues that black Americans are concerned about are the same as those causing white Americans concern, although to different degrees.

“I think he has to stick with the agenda and what he thinks is going to move the country forward,” Cowan said referring to President Barack Obama. Cowan is temporarily filing the seat vacated by John Kerry who is now secretary of state. Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina also is African-American.

Since his election in 2008 as the first black president, Obama has been hounded by questions about how well his administration has addressed the needs of the black community.

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